O1 Effective methods to promote wellbeing, positive behaviour and student engagement in distance learning

This output will be an on-line bank of resources for VET trainers and organisations on effective methods to promote positive behaviour and wellbeing in the context of covid-19 and beyond.

It will include:

  1. an overview of the #stayhome context across Europe, including its impact on vocational training organisations, trainers and learners
  2. 10 best practices that highlight the positive role VET providers can play in helping to protect learner wellbeing
  3. an analysis on the state of the art of incentive programmes and open badges

Resources developed in this output O1 will set the context for the further project outputs, and will ensure that all outputs developed throughout the project are focused on a wider European audience, to maximise the dissemination and exploitation possibilities.

O2 STAY+ Platform

The STAY+ Platform will be developed. The STAY+ mobile-interactive experience will allow young people to earn unique digital merchandise (badges) based on their activity and utilises live data feeds, Augmented Reality and GPS location data to reward them for positive behaviours. The platform will engage, enable and encourage positive practices amongst young people.

O3 STAY+ Implementation and Co-creation Guides

The output will develop a practical toolkit for VET trainers and organisations to support implementation of the IO1 best practices and exploitation of the IO2 platform in their own context. It specifically includes e.g. a practical guide on using the STAY+ Platform, Guidelines on monitoring student engagement and promoting wellbeing in digital learning, Ethical guidelines for digital inclusion and others.

This output will take a longer term view of how the wider issues and lessons learnt through the Covid-19 pandemic and will also support organisations in co-creating their own wellbeing reward programmes in the future – e.g. it will provide the Guidelines for trainers on co-creation of badges with learners, Guidelines for digital agencies working with VET professionals and organisations and others.